Welcome to Our Zero

Waste Community

Where Reducing Food Waste and

Saving You Money Can Go Hand in Hand.

$25 Billion worth of food goes to waste in US restaurants annually, but it doesn’t have to.

There are people that could use this good food. Bridgit connects them to it so that:
Restaurants Can Make Extra Money
Budget buyers and homeless shelters can save money
The planet can be kept cleaner

Self interest aligning with social interest

for sustainable solutions where everybody wins.


  1. Box food and post # of available boxes on app
  2. Select pick-up window and receive payments through app
  3. Have homeless shelters automatically notified of food donations available for pickup and get tax breaks
  1. Receive notification when a flash sale goes live on the app
  2. Order and pay for discounted food online through the app
  3. Get notified and easily pick up their food during allotted pickup window


The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act provides you with federal protection from liability when donating food.

Beta Launch 2018

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